By Shchurov Dmitrii
5/16(Sunday) 00:00 (UTC)

VR Games as In-flight entertainment (IFE)

VR on flights!


VR Entertainment is allready present on some flights, but only for first class.
VR Entertainment could actually allready be on flights not only for first class, but there wouldn't be much content available.
Some passengers will want

What About VR Games ?

It would be perfect to see VR games as VR IFE.
But current VR techologies are not very sutable for flights.

Safety issues Solution
You can "stuck" in VR Game.
In case of emergency, it would be fatal,
but luckily it can be thechnicaly dealt
Add system that automaticly offs all VR IFE
Add button to the cockpit for manual offs all VR IFE

There is one big issue about VR games,
Offline VR games can actually be good for airlines in the terms of costs, but passengers will want online VR games
There are several techincal issues

Technical issues Solution
Curent equipments that enables wifi on board
have slow internet speed.
The nowdays fastest sat system
Ka-Band Service
K german "kurz"
a - "above/upper"
has speed up to 70-Mbit/s
Imagine on Airbus A380 with near 853 (1-class) passangers onboard all connected to
the same wifi and/or hardwired/optical cables to same router
trying to acess online VR Game(s).
It just ain't gonna happen.
So current sytems are to slow for online VR Games onboard.
The best sceneario will be to use high speed sat link, but equipmnet will be weighty. Luckily while VR tech is developing, the sat equipment will develop to.
You could create intranet on board of the airplane.
This would be serving VR games,
so it would be online,
but only in the boards of the airplane.
Equip airplanes with physical severs, wich could be capable of hosting several VR games.
So this is one of the solutions, for the time that take for developing new sat systems.

Legal issues

Legal issues Solution
When VR tech develops
Equipment that will be used onboard , needs to be certifed for use onboard of airplanes.
So there should be agreement,
between WVRO, ICAO and other authorities on certifaction of VR equipment for use onboards of airplanes


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